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The Marine Species of the British Isles and Adjacent Seas (MSBIAS)
by Mark Charlesworth

MEDIN have launched  ‘The Marine Species of the British Isles and Adjacent Seas (MSBIAS)’ which is an authoritative taxonomic list of species occurring in the UK marine environment and can be used to promote interoperability.

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Potential for joined up marine monitoring & data collection between Statutory Nature Conservation Agencies and industry
English Industry & MPA


Natural England is at the forefront of an ambitious programme of reform in relation to the management and protection of England’s marine environment. One of the key current reforms relates to the UK Marine Protected Area (MPA) network which is undergoing an unprecedented phase of expansion. As the UK MPA network expands there will be a proportionate increase in the demand for the monitoring of these protected areas in order to assess the extent to which individual site objectives – and the network objectives - are being met.

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MEDIN Publishes Data Guidelines for Geophysical Seabed Surveys
by Mark Charlesworth

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MEDIN are working towards creating a consistent framework of standards for the acquisition and management of UK-commissioned marine environmental data. MEDIN have derived and published Data Guidelines.

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Rescue of Historical UK Sea Level Data
Project goes ahead after MEDIN-funded pilot
by Paul McGarrigle, BODC

19th Century tide register from Sheerness
The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is currently taking part in a project, funded by JISC, to rescue historical UK sea level data by scanning and digitising analogue sea level records from its archive. These records, which include tide gauge ledgers stretching back to 1853, form a unique and irreplaceable resource for understanding sea level change. The project builds on an earlier project funded by MEDIN.

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Met Office becomes the 5th MEDIN DAC

The Met Office has been accredited to act as the MEDIN Data Archive Centre for Marine Meteorology. The Met Office now becomes the 5th MEDIN DAC, joining the British Geological Survey (sea floor Geophysics and Geology), the British Oceanographic Data Centre (watercolumn oceanographic data), DASSH (marine species and habitats) and the UK Hydrographic Office (bathymetry). It is planned to further expand coverage of the network in 2012 to include fisheries survey data and marine historic environment data.
For more details see the MEDIN website


Marine Socio-Economic Data management review

The Marine Management Organisation, Marine Scotland and MEDIN have commissioned EMU Ltd to carry out a review into the management of Marine Socio-Economic Data.

We expect the final report to be available shortly. Keep an eye on the MEDIN website!


Mark Charlesworth

As some of you may already know, Mark Charlesworth is leaving us in May after 7 years here in Liverpool. We're all sad to see him go but, at the same time, we'd like to thank him for all the work he's done for MEDIN and wish him all the best for the future. Cheers Mark.

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