The Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP) project
by Adam Leadbetter & Lesley Rickards - British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)

Marine data are valuable resources which have a high cost of acquisition and as such should be well managed and made as widely available to end users as possible for a variety of uses including scientific research, marine management and planning, policy and decision making, and economic activities.

Europe, the USA, Australia and the IOC’s International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) are making significant progress in allowing the discovery and access of marine data through the development, implementation, population and operation of distributed ocean and marine observing and data management infrastructures.

The ODIP project will organise international workshops in Europe, the USA and Australia in order to foster the development of common standards and develop prototypes to evaluate and test selected potential standards and interoperability solutions.

The first ODIP workshop was held at the IODE project office in Oostende during February 2013. Over thirty marine data experts from around the world met, either in person or virtually, to discuss a range of topics including: common data formats; common metadata formats; methods of exchanging data and metadata; common vocabularies to describe data and metadata; and tools for adding value to data. Videos of the presentations from this workshop have been made available at

MEDIN is well represented within the ODIP consortium, with the British Geological Survey and the British Oceanographic Data Centre respectively co-ordinating and participating in the project. During the Oostende workshop the work of MEDIN was mentioned during discussions and was well received by the group. This overlap of participants will also allow us to feedback important developments from the ODIP project to MEDIN.

The second ODIP workshop is scheduled to be held in San Diego between 2nd and 6th December 2013.

The ODIP project is funded by the EU within the FP7 Research Infrastructures programme (Grant agreement 312492) for 36 months from 1st October 2012 until 31st September 2015. The project website can be found at

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The Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP) project
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