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Online Publishing of Environmental Monitoring Data Made Easy
by Dr Mike Osborne, OceanWise Limited

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Advances in communication and sensor technology have lead to the possibility of environmental monitoring data becoming available in real or near real time on the Internet. Numerous examples of this are already operational but the vast majority of these comprise proprietary hardware and software tied to a particular instrument or modem manufacturer. As a whole, these integrated systems tend to be expensive to procure and maintain.

Recent developments, however, are leading to more open systems becoming available. It is now possible to select the optimum sensor for a particular application or budget, and to send data to an online data storage and publishing service, without the need for bespoke development or costly IT equipment. Future developments promise to make environmental monitoring a ‘plug and play’ operation, so that the state of the environment at a reported location could become – with advent of low cost GPS receivers – as ubiquitous as location itself.

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News from the MEDIN Data Archive Centres (DACs)
by David Cotton, MEDIN


One of the key functions of MEDIN is to provide a network of linked Data Archive Centres (DACs) to provide a secure long term storage facility available to all producers of marine environmental data.

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World Ocean Council Launches "Smart Ocean/Smart Industries" Programme On Ocean and Climate Observations

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Major ocean companies are working to expand and better coordinate the collection of oceanic and atmospheric data from ships and other offshore platforms through Smart Ocean/Smart Industries. This programme has been developed by the World Ocean Council (WOC), an international, cross-sectoral alliance of nearly 40 private sector bodies from a wide range of ocean industries (oil and gas, shipping, seafood, tourism, ocean technology, maritime law, marine environmental services).

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